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Giveaway: $25 eGift Card

Check out the giveaway that’s going on now. 


DrugstorePrincess’ Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

What’s Up For Grabs:

ULTA Color Play 78-Piece Artist Collection Complete Makeup Palette

This sleek, decorative palette has everything you’ll need for any look… from daytime to evening. The palette itself is a sturdy, portable case covered in a dark purple lace fabric. It has a handle for easy carrying, and two heavy-duty snaps to ensure it’s closed! It is a square foot, and is about two inches thick.

Inside is a large mirror, as well as six handy brushes - an eyeshadow brush, an eyeliner brush, two sponge applicators, a face brush and an eye comb. The brushes are secured in the lid of the palette by two strands of elastic ribbon.

There are four highly pigmented pencil eyeliners, in black, dark brown, metallic plum and metallic indigo. You also get 40 powder eyeshadows, from classic neutrals, to pretty jewel tones, to tropical brights! Their names:

Pearl, Silk, Pebble, Lustre, Seashell, Brown Sugar, Mystical, Cocoa Bean, Stardust, Naked, Sun Kissed, In the Buff, Firework, Oasis, Molten, Copper Bronze, Sweet, Bloom, Love, Heiress, Flirty, Bayou, Plum Noir, Sapphire, Ice Queen, Sterling, Clamazon, Night Sky, Platinum, Gunmetal, Aubergine, Galaxy, Sunny, Green Ice, Seaside, Gold Dust, Iceland, Eye Candy, Electric Lights, City Fog.

The shadows come in matte shades as well as some satin and shimmer! There are several dupes of popular, highend eyeshadows.

There are also five blush colors, ranging from a pretty coral, to a light highlight, to the most natural of pinks.

Adore, Afterglow, Flush, Sweet Cheeks, Infatuation.

There are also two full-sized bronzers… one with a slight shimmer, and a matte one as well that’s ideal for contouring. There is also a shimmer brick with four shades perfect for highlighting and adding a pretty glow!

Lip color is included as well! There are fifteen creamy lipglosses in every shade imaginable, and there are also four tubed Super Shiny lipglosses as well (a very popular item from ULTA).

How to Enter:

I honestly hate giveaways… I think they’re a tacky way for most blogs to gain followers quickly.  That isn’t why I’m doing this… and that’s why I’m going to make this discreet and strict!


+  You must be following - this is a giveaway for my followers, because I love them!

+  You must reblog the picture (found above) from THIS POST.  You don’t have to include the text if you don’t want to.

+  YOU MAY ONLY REBLOG THE PHOTO TWICE. That’s twice, EVER!! You may do this twice at once, or one at any time during the giveaway period.  Blogs that reblog more than twice will be immediately disqualified, and I will check.  I want to make this as fair as possible!

+  If you are a blog specifically for giveaways, you needn’t bother entering.  You won’t win.  The winner will be selected from a randomizing generator, but if the winner is a blog just for giveaways, I will make the decision not to pick you.

+  The giveaway will close on February 28th, 2012.  The winner will be selected and notified on February 29th.


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“Lord of the flies”

“Lord of the flies”

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